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OXFAB® additive manufacturing technology represents a new paradigm in designing and building industrial structures. OPM Aerospace & Industrial provides clients with world-class engineering services to expand capacity and expertise in new material and process technology along with design and optimization capability. We work with the latest and most sophisticated software modeling tools to topologically optimize our advanced AM structures into your product deliverables, focusing on efficiency and performance. 

In order for structural modeling to be properly implemented, OPM has undertaken comprehensive mechanical testing and evaluation of our OXFAB® products. Our extensive proprietary OPM material database has been compiled as a result of years of development of the OXFAB® process, and it will assist you in moving rapidly to technology insertion. Our test matrix, and the resulting B-basis, was constructed in order to support demanding aviation standards for secondary flight structures.

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OXFAB® is an elegant merger of the world’s highest performance thermoplastic and the world’s most robust and advanced additive manufacturing technology. This results in industrial structures that meet or significantly exceed the performance expectations in multiple industrial sectors to include aviation, defense, energy, semiconductor and nuclear.

OXFAB® structures have nearly limitless application. Whether you need your product to be lighter, last longer, work more efficiently or cost less, we can be your solution provider.

Industrial Components

  • Wafer contact hardware
  • Low series robotics hardware
  • Complex assemblies
  • Fluid management hardware
  • Custom manifolds 
  • Mixing impellers 
  • Probe bodies





Aerospace Components

  • Low series labor- and capital-intensive production parts
  • High series labor-intensive production parts
  • Required to meet interior aircraft smoke and toxicity (UL VO, OHS)
  • Weight and part-count reduction objectives
  • Replace intricately-machined aluminum or composites
  • UAV sub assemblies and min UAV aerostructures



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